Memories from the 1984 Monte Rio Variety Show performed at the Old Monte Rio School
MRVS 2020 Old Photos 1984 #1
MRVS 2020 Old Photos 1984 #2

Memories from Bill & Pat Hatch

Memories from Brian Torr

MRVS 2010 Art Linkletter Tribute
From Chris Z –  Production Crew 1997-2007, Show Director 2008-2011
A great Variety Show memory that keeps popping to the top is the tribute to Art Linkletter at the 2010 show. Adam Felber (of NPR’s Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me) wrote a beautiful piece and it was read by Jamie Widdoes (of Animal House fame.). It captures everything about Art Linkletter as a person and supporter of the annual Monte Rio event.

Remembering the Sound and Light Systems for Bohemian Shows

Memories from Michele Perussina

1990 Photo of Last Roundup for Chair Ladies at the Old Monte Rio School
The photo is from the 1990 Old School chair set up. Community volunteering doesn’t fall far from the tree – Pictured are Jeanie Torr (Mother of our current MRVS Committee Chair, Michele McDonell); Jane Perussina and Ruth Marall (Mother and cousin, respectively, of our current MRVS committee member, Michele Perussina); and Phyllis Smith (Mother of current MRVS volunteer member, Geff Smith). Also pictured is Margaret Mitchell Maritzen. Not pictured and likely the photographer is Jan Markey (Mother of current MRVS volunteers, Robin Markey and Joan Barbero).

The 101th Monte Rio Variety Show Program (2012)
A blast from the past – This brochure was distributed for the 10th Monte Rio Variety Show. Can you find any relatives in the 1940’s picture?

Memories from Bruce Harvey

Russian River Historical Society –  Memories that Will Always Linger  
Jane Barry, President of the Russian River Historical Society, offers some insights over the past decade. The Russian River Historical Society is preserving the history of our event through their support and keeping our community engaged in understanding our legacy and rich traditions.

Memories From Joe From San Francisco