Check back with us for the varied list of over 4o items for our 2021 auction.

Thanks to all the following supporters for making the 2020 virtual Online Auction a great success!

Winning bidders in 2020:


Anderson Olsen MaryAnne Gustafson
Bonnie McDonell Michael Gregory Miller
Bruce and Ingrid Harvey Michael Torr
Charles Wiser Michele McDonell
Derek Chin Michele Perussina
Elizabeth Ann Bogges Michelle Hendricks
Elizabeth Sullinger Mike Nicholls
Eric Olsen Nance Jones
Janet Gunn Natalie Mantel
Jenn Garagliano Patrick McDonell
John Pendleton Patti and John Blount
Linda Greco Paul Schmidt
Nuria Higueras Tom Wilson
Mary Walsh  


  • Brown Paper 2020 Tickets Purchased and Donated
  • The Markey/Barbero Family
  • Maureen McDonell
  • Tom Wilson
  • Elizabeth Sullinger
  • Irene Deem 
  • Bruce & Ingrid Harvey
  • Brian Torr
  • Mary Farha
  • Torr & McDonell Families
  • Frederik Norgaard, in memory of Lee Torr, IV
  • Christopher McDonell
  • Lonna Necker
  • Montgomery Woods
  • Kimberlee Menary
  • Susan and Larry Poirier
  • Lyle and Kathy Karnath
  • Rosie Bohny
  • Patricia Ann Crilly
  • Louise Joist
  • Camden McEfee
  • Marshall Turner
  • Richard Saffir
  • William Dawson
  • Charles Higueras
  • The Dawn Redwood Trust
  • Sam Singer
  • Kristin Thurman-Fein
  • Capt. Joel Butler
  • Al Bohny
  • Robert White
  • Roy and Wini Neilsen
  • Paul and Jane Berry
  • Geff Smith
  • Peter and Barbara Stephens 
  • Joe Lerer
  • Paul Felton
  • Patty and Chris Diner